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Instant Website

Statspro is so easy to use that you can be up and running in less than five minutes.
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Statspro Administrator

Statspro Administrator is an advanced content management and website administration system that allows non-technical users to easily update information on their websites without learning HTML or worrying about ruining the site design.

In addition to overall site management (including game scheduling and gamesheet entry), Statspro Administrator features an exclusive Team Management module that allows individual teams to add content and perform team-related administration tasks such as adding or removing players from the roster, sending email, uploading graphics, and more. To access the Team Management module, team managers just login into Statspro Administrator and click on their team's name.

Key Features
* Game scheduling.
* Gamesheet entry and editing
* New web page creation
* Template theme selection
* Website language selection
* Advertising banner management
* Lets users easily update specified website content, no HTML required.
* Lets users edit team rosters, including individual player profiles.
* Supports multiple logins and dedicated team access.
* Web mail
* Address book export
* Image upload

Adding new content is simple and only takes minutes. Statspro's powerful WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor works just like a word processer and includes powerful editing tools that make it easy to customize your page content to look just the way you want it to. Not only can you add content, you can choose fonts and styles, insert images or tables, even color your text. When you save your changes, pages are instantly updated! What could be easier?

Forget about learning HTML or a complicated web design program. Statspro Administrator’s intuitive interface gives you the ability to quickly and easily update your team’s web page content - within minutes.

Schedules/Game Summaries
You can quickly schedule games or enter game summaries with the convenient Gamesheet Summary form. Convenient pulldown menus allow easy team and rink selection.

Statspro Administrator includes a comprehensive gamesheet form. All game-related information can be entered including players, goals, assists, and penalties. Your website will be updated in realtime as soon as you save the data.

Team Management
Statspro Administrator also provides tools for adding and removing players from your roster, editing player profiles, uploading player photographs, and email links to individual players and the whole team. With Statspro Administrator, you can easily keep players up-to-date on practices and game schedules, and let friends and family know how the team is doing. Best of all, Statspro Administrator is so easy to use, that managing your team is no longer a chore, it’s fun.

Team Bulletin
Use your Team Bulletin to post team news, updates, game reports, and more.

Team Roster
Add or remove players from your roster. Record player addresses, personal data, upload photos, and write your own player bios.

Secure Login
Statspro Administrator provides two-level security to protect your content from unwanted users. In addition to a password protected login screen, Statspro Administrator generates a random ID code each time you login.

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